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6-Week Courses

Our curricula are carefully tailored to your child's age group!


Spring 2021:    Garden of Kindness

Ages 2-4

Late Mar -
Early April



We will be launching our Spring 2021 class quarter soon! 

Contact us if you are interested in joining our program.

The Music Magic Time Classes are a carefully designed sequence of weekly classes that take students through a set progression of learning milestones through songs. We believe that high repetition of information channeled through different types of songs and experiences leads to mastery of the subjects. The curriculum is seasonal (4 each year) and incorporates nature and major holidays into the classes. We are excited to offer special handcrafted educational objects and supplements that will be shipped to you in a Magic At Home music kit.


The class will meet for 30-minutes once weekly, for 6 weeks. The Spring Series is scheduled to begin during the 3rd week of March and will be virtual.

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