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  • Do I have to have an instrument?
    Not at all! We believe that anything can be used as an instrument! There is no need to bring an instrument, but we've found that children have enjoyed bringing their musical toys to our mixed-ages class. For our 6-week series, we will be including DIY instruments and instructions in our Magic At Home boxes! We encourage our little ones to be gentle and take good care of our handcrafted learning materials.
  • What is the difference between Mixed Ages 0-6 and the 6-Week Series?
    Music Magic Time Daily is meant to be an introduction for new families, or for families who are satisfied with a more one-sided virtual format. We envision MMT Daily as a big party and one big marching band - there will be lots of movement, and families will be able to learn about our philosophies and unique musical styles. We encourage families who are looking for a more personalized and targeted approach to sign up for the 6-week series. While the Daily sessions will cover similar themes (shapes, animals, clothes, weather), the pool of songs is limited and there is no set progression of learning. In addition, the 6-week series will be tailored to the children who attend. Each child will receive a Music Magic Box filled with handcrafted items that relate to their name and interests, and will have the opportunity to interact with these items during class. These classes are more intentionally interactive - children will be able to meet other children through our “show and share” sessions. Furthermore, while the Daily class showcases Coffy/other performers with a single instrument (guitar), for the 6-week classes, we will expose children to different types of instruments to help train their ears and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for all the families of instruments.
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