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Experience the Magic of Music

The best 30 minutes of your child's day 🎉

(and likely your day, too!)

Our Approach   🥁
We are a music education program for children 0-6 that focuses on enhancing social skills, music literacy, and international awareness through set programming and classes held virtually and in person.

Offerings 👉

Your New
Journey Begins Here, Today


Mixed ages 0-6

Our music-based interactive educational program designed especially for pre-schoolers around the world.


By age groups

6-week courses for your kids to enhance their current education learnings with a group of others in their age group.


Book us

Let us be your one-stop shop for all types of parties - birthday parties, tea parties, you name it!

We'll also guarantee to bring smiles to your children's faces in your daycare or pediatric wing!




20+ years of experience 

Music Magic Time was the cornerstone program of La Grande Famille, a daycare center that Coffy and Yakini operated for over 20 years. 

What sets us apart



High personalization

Our classes are highly interactive! Coffy and Yakini will keep your child engaged by including elements of their name and day in each song! 



Original songs

These are not your regular nursery rhymes! Our original compositions feature international beats and are so fun that you won't mind playing them over and over!

What Parents Think   💬

 "We love the class! It is high energy, interactive, and creative. Coffy is wonderful! He does an excellent job including all of the children in the songs and is able to adjust quickly to whatever the kids might be interested in that morning."

- Caneil M.